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    Request: future links in documents

      It is typical in a wiki to create links to pages that do not yet exist, as a way to invite others to share what they know about a subject new to the wiki. The benefit is that it motivates people to participate. Say you know that certain content needs to or should be created but you can't do it yourself (because you don't have the time or the expertise). You simply mark the text and others provide the missing content by simply clicking on it. It also helps evolve a real wiki (=a collection/database of web pages) on the fly instead of stand-alone wiki-style documents that would have to be linked manually (which a typical user will not bother to do --> lower participation).


      From wikipatterns.com:

      "What is it?"

      "It is a link to a yet non-existing page and usually marked in a special way, e.g. red-coloured or with a question mark, so that people immediately recognize that this page hasn't been created yet. In this way you can encourage the growth of a wiki because people often don't know where to start in a wiki or what information might be needed.  The links indicates the lack of special information clearly."


      "When editing a page use FutureLinks whenever it comes to your mind that you could to link another piece of information and that information has not been created yet. In the first place these links are a good reminder to write something down; it can encourage others with better knowledge about that special topic."

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          Ryan Rutan

          This used to exist in the Wiki Syntax, and may still exist...just not documented.  You used to be able to do stuff like [Some Title] and it would create a link (assuming the same Community) and pass the contents as the default Title of the Document...and launch you straight into Edit Mode (if u had permissions).  As this was a Wiki Syntax construct, it may have accidentally died, but I do know that the platform supports this quite well.


          One area it may need improvement on is the "stubbing" out to other communities, I am not sure if the syntax I am recalling had a method for easily linking to other communities?


          But definitely something that my company will be interested in, as we move forward there are at least 2 projects that I am aware of that will greatly benefit for this concept of "stubbing" or "future links".  I honestly hope this hasn't fallen to the wayside.