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    Feature idea: convert .pptx to Flash on upload


      Hello -


      We have found that Powerpoint presentations are a lot more interesting when they can be viewed within the system vs. just downloaded.  Right now most of our presentations are just uploaded files though as that is the quickest and easiest way for people to get them into the site.  Someone else has to go back after the fact, download the file, convert it to Flash, upload that to our download server and then embed the link into a page with the .pptx as an attachment there.  It would be fabulous if you had the option to convert your .pptx to Flash at the time you are uploading it.  Then the Flash version could be available to view in the page and the file could be available for download.


      There are tools like the iSpring SDK that could be leveraged for this and there'd probably need to be some default settings in place wrt a control panel in the video etc. but I still think this would go a long way toward helping people create sites filled with rich media that make them a lot more engaging to users.



      - Amanda