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    Icon display after paste URL


      When linking to a document or community through cut/paste of the URL, Clearspace (2.5.6) add the document and community icon. This is good!


      However, when adding a tag cloud (i.e. /tag?) or search (/search?) through cut/paste of the URL, it does not show a/any icon.


      BTW: in Jive Integrated Server we used to have [entryID]1234[/entryID] to link to another document. Is there an equivelent in Clearspace 2.5x? I couldn't find in the documentation, sorry if I missed it somehow.


      If I didn't miss it, it would be nice to have similar back, maybe also for communities, discussions, threads, blogs, projects, etc.

      I understand that when you link through the link "editor" you can then search for the above and when selected it puts the "code" in, the downside however, it does put the document title in hardcoded so if the original document title changes, it doesn't change it in the doc you link it from (which worked great with entryID).