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    Feature Request: Multiple Tag Group Selection

      Has jive ever given thought to allowing users to filter content by multiple tag groups?  It would be great if I had the ability to click on one tag group, get all the content items that are tagged with tags in that tag group, then continue to filter by clicking on another tag group (or maybe even adding a single tag to the filter).


      For example, let's say I have the following three tag groups:  Metrics, Core Technologies and Cost Reduction.  Now, let's say that there are 1000 content items in my particular community.  Clicking on any one tag group gets me to documents/discussions related to that tag group, but this subset may still be quite large.


      If we have documents that are tagged with tags residing in more than one tag group, this feature would make it much easier to get to the content that I want to see.  For example, if I want to find content related to Metrics for Cost Reduction in our Core Technologies, clicking 3 tag groups is a lot easier than sifting through a large subset of 1000 documents.


      Any thoughts?