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    New Plugin: SpaceTime 1.0 - Clearspace + Lotus Sametime API

    Ryan Rutan

      Was working through the ST API the other day, and got it to work in a capacity that is similar to OpenFire/Sparkweb etc...(sending IM, Presence messages, etc..)  My thoughts are that I should be able to make a plugin that maps to the Clearspace IMService/PresenceService elements....and/or just build the implementation of to the side using the ST Api.  I would prefer to use the XMPP integrations; however, since additional Sametime software is required to make Sametime XMPP compliant (from my understanding)...it'll be better for us to just make it a Sametime Plugin.


      Some thoughts on features that I've been kicking around are the following:


      • Features
        • Side bar navigation element, unfortunately not the actions bar...that will collect all the names related to the content element you are viewing and have their names and status's available for quick "Click to Chat"
          • This (in theory) would pull all names from all versions, all commenters, all repliers (threads), etc...in a unique list
        • User Profile Page integration (trying to re-use/re-enable the OOTB click-to-chat when OpenFire is setup)
        • Chat Discussion save to Document Functionality
          • Looking to have it default container to current context container, with simply drop-down to change if needed.
          • Clicking the Save to Document button, will auto-inject the chat transcript into the document, and launch you in to the edit mode with a default title, tags, etc...
          • On save, a "link" is created between the current context, and the new document.  Possibly via this other Feature Request - Document Translation Management or New Construct (Content Portfolios)
            • If not the above request, perhaps, adding a comment to the document.
        • User Profile Customization to configure on per-user basis if they are willing to instant message
          • Thinking of a special reserved Status in Sametime to control this...


      I still need to look into some things...for logistics...for example....what is the port management like with the ST API....and does it scale with "N" users.  I hope it does....but would like to see what the logistics of a simultaneous connections (ports) opened at once...and see if anything problematic happens.


      Anyways, if anyone is interested in providing feedback, let me know.  If the effort gets big enough..I'll create a social group or something.  The alternate name I was considering was SameSpace....but being the nerd I am .....SpaceTime definitely had a better appeal. =)