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    CS Feature Request - Admin Console "Social Group" Permissions

      Currently Clearspace doesn't have any permissions concerning "Social Groups" in the administrative console; the creator of the group decides on group permissions at the time of the group's creation through Clearspace's regular interface. The only Social Group permission Clearspace currently has is "Create Group."


      We'd like to see a more robust permission system for "Social Groups," including granular Group-based permissions for:


      1) Joining Social Groups. There should be a permission to allow certain group members to join Social Groups and disallow permission for others.

      2) Posting into Open Social Groups. Currently if a group is open, anyone can post into it. We'd like to see a system where the administrator could control which groups are capable of posting into Social Groups.


      And any other granular permissions that users can think of. Currently the lack Social Group permissions feels like a pretty big limitation.