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    CS Feature Request - Redesign Permission Interface

      Currently Clearspace's Permission interface is a real headache to use. Specifically:


      1) Only being able to view one space's permissions at a time means makes comparing permissions between different spaces rather difficult. Being able to see several spaces on one single page would make this process much easier.


      2) Showing inherited permissions for groups. Currently, if I set a particular groups's permissions for a particular space, and then view permissions for that zone's subspaces, I won't see those inherited permissions unless I change something. I'd like to see ALL effective permissions, even ones that are inherited from parent spaces.


      3) Permission Summary. I'd like to see some kind of "overall" permission summary that explains the current set of effective permissions. Having to individually view each space's permissions makes comparison difficult (see #1). If there was some way we could see ALL effective permissions on ALL zones on a summary page, it would make permission review and modification significantly easier.