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    CS Feature Request - Redesign Email Notifications Interface

      Currently Clearspace's notification template system is very frustrating for high-level community managers to use. Notification templates not only use tokens (which are simple to understand) but they also contain (sometimes extensive) conditional statements which appear to be written in FreeMarker syntax.


      This makes it very hard for a non-technical person (a writer like myself, for example) to change notification templates without the assistance of developers to interpret the code. We've literally had to sit writers down side-by-side with developers in order to customize our notification templates.


      We'd like to see a dramatically simplified system for Email Message Templates that is usable by non-developer users. We wouldn't mind if that meant that there would be more templates, just as long as all of that ugly FreeMarker stuff is out of the equation. Some message templates serve several different functions; these could be split into separate message templates to make editing them easier. Tokens are fine and are a good way for non-technical people to create dynamic email content, but the FreeMarker is prohibitively difficult for lay people to understand.


      Additionally, some of the notification templates are confusing - several of them have the same name, and how they differ from one another is not clear.