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    Microsoft office Integration

      Hi All,

      I am interested to know if Jive provides integration of Microsoft office products in clearspace, so that users can create the documents or xcel sheets in their favorate editors and automatically convert them into Jive documents upon saving. Please let  know.




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          Ted Hopton

          The simple answer is "no," at least in 2.5.x of Clearspace. The next question is, "will Jive be providing MS Office integration in?"


          For example, it should be simple to paste directly from Word or Outlook or Excel into Clearspace. Right now, it sort of works. But it doesn't work well if you need to in any way edit or modify the document you created by pasting. All the HTML garbage code that MS inserts messes up the rich text editor. So, you are better off pasting into Notepad to strip all that out, then pasting into Clearspace from Notepad.