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    Tasks in groups

      Dear support,


      we have to limit the access from users to spaces.


      If they want to work within groups, they cannot work together by sharing tasks.


      The normal task-functionallity known from projects is needed in groups.


      Is this on your roadmap? It would be great!




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          Yes I agree it would be nice to have tasks and projects in the groups. One other request is to have sub communities under groups. But my biggest issue with the groups is you can not move any content into the groups.

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            Ryan Rutan

            +1 to Projects in Any Container


            Personal Projects -> OOTB, creating Personal Tasks...if you want to do a project with other users in the system...create a Group.  Not much else from Projects is usable when managing yourself.

            Community Projects -> OOTB

            Groups Projects -> I guess I assumed this was already there, but if its not...then this is a big one.  A separate permission at the administrator level, to authorize if Groups can create projects or not would be ideal.  Projects have quite a bit of overhead with them, so being able to govern that feature within a feature as pervasive as Groups would really be handy.

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                Ditto on that (projects anywhere).  We'd also really like to have calendar views show up in groups/spaces (I suppose having projects anywhere would solve this).

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                    Ryan Rutan

                    That's a good point I forgot to mention.  I like the OOTB calendar...dont get me wrong..I love Jotlet...but it's kind of a pain to always setup.


                    I think a good limited addition that could help the OOTB Project Calendar, would be the ability to specify an entire day as something special.


                    Right now you have milestones and tasks as icons in the box, but it might be nice to be able to specify a day as a "Special Day" or something, and pick the color (similar to labels) that you want that box's background to appear.  This will empower users to mark-up their calendars with more color references.....most of the time....actual time isn't needed for a day, just knowing that the day is coming up...seeing the high-level colors without clicking on any of the items would be an interesting concept.


                    For anything beyond this, I would suggest lower the barrier to entry to getting the Jotlet API key etc...but besides that ...Jotlet is the perfect calendar tool for the one-off group.