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    Feature Request: User Wall



      I would like to request a feature to allow users to post messages in an area for a user (like a "Wall").


      A user1 could go to another user's2 profile and post a message to that other user2. When user2 logs into Clearspace, under your view tab, would they see the messages that user1 posted for them.



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          Ryan Rutan

          Is this just Private Messages and Private Messaging Widget with some window dressing.  Perhaps allowing each user to have a personal microblog with multiple authors (similar to a system blog) where entitlements are granted along the lines of "All Members", Only Friends, Only Friends with this Label, Just Me...etc....by the User.   Just Me, may just be Status Updates...so maybe not that setting.


          If enabled, then perhaps a tab on the User Profile to manifest the data?


          Kinda going stream of consciousness on this one, but while technically feasible as a plugin, I'm not seeing many External Community or Internal Collaboration use-cases not handled by OOTB data-structures..  In my mind I see ample alternatives in Blogs, Threads, Docs, Comments, and Private Messaging...and all the syndication assets around those content-types to more or less the data awareness elements of a "Wall".


          But these are just ramblings, hope it stirs the pot nonetheless =)