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    Recent Content widget. (refined viewing!)

      This feature request goes for Recent Discussions ... well any Recent widget really.


      It would be nice to be able to refine this a little more by adding exactly what communities or sub communities you would like displayed and maybe more importantly what you don't want to see.


      Some users (mangers) have an overview of many if not all communities and as a result can be drowned out in all the content when really they would like to focus on particular Spaces.


      So it would be great to pick a number of Communities (a bonus would also be the content per communities, documents, discussions etc) and be able to exclude Communities.


      How would this look?... Well if there were two tabs beside "Recent Content" labeled "All" and "Refined" then you can set either as a home tab and have the best of boat worlds an the click of a tab...

      This could apply to many other widgets where power hungry (pedantic!) users could get exactly what they want.