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    Clearspace 3.0 - My Places versus Places


      I am exploring Clearspace 3.0 in the sandbox and am confused as to how/when My Places versus Places should be used?  I think this likely will be confusing to other end users as well.  What was the thought behind creating these two different widgets?  Places is customized to the user as well, so it also is "my places".  Whereas My Places widget does not seem to show the space a user is following, but rather all spaces in the community, and also does not show projects.  I'd like some clarification and also would recommend these widgets be renamed to reduce the confusion.  It's not intuitive.

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          Ryan Rutan

          I think the intent (while not from Jive) is to highlight what are the common areas that you as a user-visit.  If you look at when you use the "UserBar->New->Document" you see a "Browse for location region below.  This auto-populates with predictable selections to make it 1-click access to your most likely container (i.e. the container you are currently in, or containers that you've recently contributed to for that content-type).  I think the My Places is trying to mimic that personalization; while Places is simply a way you can dig through all permissioned containers.


          I think the suggestion regarding confusion is valid, and would almost recommend merging the 2 widgets, such that My Places is the 1st tab under the Places Widget..and default view.  In addition, by merging it ...you'll reduce the overall Widget palette...which is something that also needs to be addressed...Drag/drop is fine...but as the pallette grows...real-estate shrinks and there needs to be a better way to manage the "N" growth otherwise the regions you are dragging to ...may not be on the screen...making the drag-drop experience not ideal.


          Just some thoughts. =)