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    Multi-Language Content Filter



      not sure if this had been submitted or suggested previously. We're offering a multi-language social network and found a lack of being able to provide intuitive options and filters for content in multiple languages.


      What I have in mind is to add a language selection for each text, audio and visual content element that is being created. The system could default the language preference of the user creating the content thus reducing overhead having to manually select the language.


      The reason I am suggesting this option is that many languages have related words such as "Business" which is used in many languages and is not necessarily synonymous with English. Thus if I was in a system and was looking for Business Tags I would get results for any language specifying the tag 'Business' when I would actually like to add the language as a filter dimension.


      Again one could add a user preference that allows user to automatically preselect a language as a filter dimension for content.


      Can anybody tell me if anything like this is in plan or available?