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    Widget to see who is subscribed to this...

      I'd like to be able to see who is subscribed to a space, group, blog post, document, discussion - via a widget would be great - so you can see who will receive a notification automatically so you don't have to "send as email".

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          Yes, I second this suggestion.  It would at least be nice to have in the admin console to get a sense of how popular a space is.  Also, we often ask certain people to sign up for notifications, but there's no way of knowing if everyone has signed up, so we still end up emailing that content has been posted and needs their attention.

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            Adding my second to the idea.  I have users on my system that would like the option to add more transparency to our community

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              Yes please!  Impossible to avoid the email conundrum, as @Lindsay Evans says without a way to say who-is and who-isn't in a space.  Would also be extremely useful from an administrative/content curation POV.

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                We recently had this functionality custom developed into the admin console (we are now on 5.0.4) so community managers could see a list based on the following criteria:


                The subscriptions report lists users as described below:
                • All users in a particular community who have selected the "Follow" option. Setting email notifications under preferences or using the Receive email notifications won't change whether a user shows or doesn't show.  As long as a user is Following a place or piece of content, then he or she will be shown on the list.  That is, the "Follow" should put the user in the list, and choosing in "preferences" to not receiving emails on followed items should have no effect - the user should still show in the list.
                • Users who, in the previous version of Jive - jive 4.5, had clicked on the "Get Email Notifications" link under the actions menu, have been "rolled over" as "following" for the related community/content with the upgrade to Version 5.0.  So, these users should appear in the list, but it is recommended that they check their new email and following preferences to match the level of communication they prefer.

                We had this implemented into the admin console because we felt creating it as a widget might give people the feeling of infringing on their "privacy" (that is, some may NOT want to publicize what they are/are not subscribed to).  We have only internal communities but nevertheless.

                This would have been great if it were Out of the Box functionality.


                Would love to see this be OOTB going forward and in particular taking it a step further to not only see who is following a community but also who is tracking it.  Since as of 5.0 "receive email notifications" no longer exists I guess the most important is following and tracking - but this also seems to change with 6.0.

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                  Betting you'd get better traction on this, plus feedback from Jive, if you created it as an Idea instead. Then people can vote for real and you can see how it is faring compared to other suggestions.