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    Feature Request: Shared Task Type and/or Project Roles

    Ryan Rutan

      From what I've seen out of the current Task implementation, is that each Task currently only has 1 owner. If we wanted to make a Shared Task that multiple people were required to complete and/or work on...there seems to be a gap to handle this use-case.  Currently, the only way I see to do a "Shared" task in the current Clearspace 2.5.x and believe this is the same for SBS 3.0 are to:

      • Create a project task that is unassigned, and people monitor the project....the one who does the task ultimately picks it up and does it.  This leaves a lot of coordination for this task up to elements outside of the control of the system (barring forum discussions / comments etc...)
      • Create a plugin customization for a Shared Task (which duplicates the Task for all selected individuals).  This is not ideal from a data ownership/centralization perspective.


      Perhaps there is room for here for a new feature in Projects:

      • Define a Role...arbitrary grouping element (could be a label)...assign people to that label.  That label/group is shared across the entire project team.  Anytime someone creates a task for that project, they can choose a Role or a person. If a user is in the Role that the task is created...it will alert the user (via tab in an interface) that a "shared" task is available that you may be able to perform.  At that point, the user 's could choose to take ownership.  The task will still show in the shared view until it is completed...but after ownership is taken..the task will indicate that it has an owner as it does today OOTB.


      Given that there is such a big gap from a single person to a full-blown project scope...something that allows Tasks to be defined to a sub-set of users...would be highly efficient and useful on a global scale.


      Thoughts anyone?