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    Is there a bulk upload facility of files?

      Can I take a stack of Word Documents off a network drive and bulk upload them into a space?

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          Ted Hopton

          I've had people request this feature, too. To my knowledge, there's no way to do it. It would be very nice to have.

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              Ryan Rutan

              Yeah, unfortunately, the only way I know to do something like that is to build a persisted client in the page somewhere (like FlickR, etc...) it can dynamically parse the selected files you drag onto the pallette...and start a multi-threaded client process that basically does the one-off postings.


              This could be an interesting widget, that has a Java applet rendering...drag the files on, and you can maybe select....upload as separate binary documents or as attachments.


              Since it is a Widget, it can use the max Attachments per content setting and/or the max file size settings to show in the UI where the problems will be....based on the selection above (files too big...too many files)


              Interesting idea, but I'm wondering how useful it would be in the long run...unless you were able to add tags, descriptions, etc....all in the Widget for each file...and then just said...start the document creation.  Which at that point, you are pretty much writing a whole UI, and might as well use the REST Web Services...and just build a local app for the one-off case. =)


              It's getting late, and I'm starting to sway back and forth on my ideas....maybe this'll start some banter.  If nothing else, seems like a technically fun idea to try. =)

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                  Hi Ryan - Thanks for your thoughts on this topic. I heard a rumor that bulk upload is coming in 4.5. Has anyone else hear this or can anyone confirm this?




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                      Ryan Rutan

                      I'm pretty sure this is a rumor...but I started about 1 month ago dabbling with this interface...creating a Widget that loads a Java Applet...for a Draggable Pallette.  In general, the biggest obstacle is how to make it such that it's highly accurate and functional on the drag event...without having to go in and "mass-correct" all the files you just uploaded.  Also, one major limitation to this is that you have to have persisted connectivity and control of the web page in order for this to work.  For slow connections, this may not be ideal.


                      In this research, I decided that something more along the lines of a WebDAV solution would be ideal for interfacing; however, you'd lose the power of tagging and descriptions and what not on the initial upload....*sigh. =)   Consider the pot stirred. =)