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    Is there a Global User Property Change Feature?



      does anybody have a plugin or widget to add, delete, modify a specific user setting for all users?

      Like, add a new property to all users, or change the vaue of a property for all users, etc.





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          Ryan Rutan

          With something that affects all users in that respects, I tend to house that logic in a DB install script, version controlled, and walked through our testing process.  Not saying your idea is bad, but we've had these requirements as well, and found that the DB rollback has been helpful to shield from mishaps.


          What would the plugin do if a user already had a value, or would this only be for newly created profile attributes.  Perhaps a default this value on the create profile attribute screen?

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              We have a specific problem in that we need to set the 'jiveLocale' user

              property for each user to 'de_DE' because of a locale bug that exists.


              I think the feature could easily be implemented as a checkbox in the

              property form that states 'for all users'.

              Or alternatively add user filtering and selection methods to which an

              action can be applied. Latter process is the more standard

              implementation with most applications.


              One can always store a 'reverse script' for this and since these only

              concerns properties and not records it is not a fatal impact if

              something does 'go wrong'.


              I think that such a feature would be helpful especially in larger

              networks as I can't imagine managing single user accounts in a community

              of 100,000+. That would mean 1,000 people pages. I would need direct DB

              access to issue queries and manage data.