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    Tracking Case related bug or enhancement



      I haven't been working too much with this supportal (only 2 months) but one thing that has become apparent is that Cases I open are either resolved or we leave them open when they are connected to a core enhancement or bug so that we know which cases are still pending. I think this is mainly as we cannot track any internal bug and enhancement queue against our cases.


      What I am missing is that these cases inevitably end up with a status of "Waiting for Customer" or "Waiting for Jive" or "Closed" as there is no further work on the case. As I also use the Support to track these relatonships I am missing an additional field in the list (overview/cases) that shows if the item relates to a bug/enhancement.


      If ever Jive builds a more "public" roadmap for these bugs and enhancements then these cases could be linked in terms of status so that everybody can see "his" roadmap as well as the generic roadmap - without extra maintenance.


      In any event I would find it a great improvement to have an additional field that tells me if the case has a related bug/enhancement. After all that information is already present and shown in the detail view.


      What is everybody elses experience on how you manage and track related bugs and enhancements?