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    Losing Features/Functions going to 2.5???



      I work for Cisco Systems and I help manage several Cisco Certification Pages on our IT Social Networking site: www.ciscolearningnetwork.com.  We have recently upgraded to 2.5 and it seems we've lost a few very important Features/Functions from a user or admin point of view.


      1. Can not see a Preview version before publishing a new wiki document.  So you have to publish document to see a fully rendered view.  Adds to the Version history.

      2. Can not see a side-by-side comparison view of the html (wiki markup in 1.x).  You only see a rendered view comparison when viewing the different versions of the document.

      3. Titles on Wiki Docs are no longer Dynamically updated. If you go back and change a Wiki Doc Title you will need to manually update the titles to any reference you are pointing to the original document.


      Are we the only ones who lost these features/functions moving to 2.5 or is it a customization issue???