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    Feature Request: Annoucement Notifications in Social Groups and/or All Activity Feed

    Ryan Rutan

      This is a pretty straight forward request.  Right now, in a Social Group, if an Admin creates an announcement, it only shows up in the UI.  We were hoping that the system could send a notification to all registered users of the group making people aware.  Off the top of my head, I cannot say for certain whether or not there is an "All Activity Feed" for a Social Group, just a "All Content" and "Announcements" Feed.


      Some configuration ideas when implementing this could be:

      • Admin global configuration for the Group, do I want to syndicate via email?
      • Per User of Social Group, do not send me annoucement update via Email?


      I honestly see both the "All Activity Feed" for the Social Group (of which Announcements are part of the list)....and the Email option rounding out the clean notification feature for Social Groups.  Technically, it almost makes an Announcement like a Blog....so there may be a conflict of interest between the 2 mechanisms.  Would be nice to understand the intent of where one starts/stops. At a minimum, the creation of an announcement should show up in an activity feed...off the top of my head...I do not think this is the case..but I could be wrong.


      Anyone? Thoughts?