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    'Ideas' content for collecting feedback


      We need to collect product enhancement ideas from our customers, and let the best ideas percolate to the top (sometimes called 'crowdsourcing').  A number of software products are starting to offer 'Ideas' modules, including Salesforce and Lithium.  Still more companies like our vendor VersionOne are collecting feedback from their customers this way.


      The functionality is simple: Users can search for existing Ideas or create a new one.  Then they can vote on it (typically thumbs up or down, but we like the Jive 5 stars) and comment on it.  Based on votes the idea gets a score (e.g. +10 for a thumbs up vote and -10 for thumbs down).  Ideas can then be listed in order of highest points first, or newest ideas first.  SFDC has an algorithm that combines the two, so that the newer higher scoring ideas are listed first.  Ideally we can then tag 'Ideas Under Active Consideration' so that users will give special attention/feedback to those.


      Examples are:








      We'd prefer if Jive will be adding this capability, then we can direct more of our customers to our Jive portal instead of having to direct them elsewhere.  Can you help us with this key need?



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          Great post - I'm 100% with you. In addition to voting management, some of the other companies in your list also provide tools and reports that allow you to respond to customers as well as track your internal process for "doing" something with the ideas shared with your company. The salesforce.com implementation is solid.

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            Ryan Rutan

            +1 on this thread.  Seeing an out of the box Idea Market implementation would be a very appealing upgrade to the platform.


            We did a custom plugin for this in Clearspace 2.5.4 to prove this out....consisted of the following:

            • Widget launch pad plugin that simplified the idea creation process
            • Widget to view the output from the Tabs on the Overview dashboard
              • Select Hot/New
              • Select Tag Group
            • Custom Tabs visible for Communities contained special metadata
              • Hot Ideas -> Mapped to Popular Documents Collection
              • New Ideas -> Mapped to Recent Document Collection
              • Users could change the Tag Groups via Drop-Down to see the ideas filtered by Tag Group
            • Tag Groups defined to support ideas for multiple vectors in the same community
              • Tag Groups had a single-tag in them.
              • This allowed ideas to flow between multiple vectors...
            • Ratings OOTB for Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down
              • Possible talks of making binary ratings view (5 or nothing)...rather than create a whole new RatingsManager, but touchpoints were too many...so stayed with Ratings OOTB
            • Comments OOTB


            Total projected time was approximately 40-60 hours...got up and running on 70% of the features in 6 hours.


            This was a strong solution; however, from a turn key element the decision was made to go with Lithium Ideas as it was more turnkey.  Having a Jive complement of this for the Public Marketplace would be ideal for us to keep this knowledge collatoral in a single platform.  Any thoughts from Jive?

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              Love this "idea"! Especially if people in the community can vote on the ideas to get popular ideas to float to the top - how else do you know which idea is going to get the most traction? Perhaps there needs to be a point scale for ideas (i.e. if I like two ideas but one over the other I could weight the idea I like most with more points).

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                  Can something like this be included formally (or is it already?) a feature request? Here's some useful feedback from one our our system users:


                  "When I post something that gets no comments I wonder if it's having any impact on anyone.  What [SBS employee] is missing is the "liked it" click box that facebook has.  I don't always have a comment to leave on everyone's idea, but if I like an idea and could just check "liked it", that small feedback would be helpful.  Could this be added to [SBS employee]?


                  Baring that, I would encourage others to leave small comments "cool idea", without feeling that there is preasure to make a well thought out point."


                  There's been other discussion around this in Jivesapce community here.

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                  Thanks for bringing this up. This is a popular request for sure. Check out Mike's reply to a related discussion here.

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                    This just makes sense! I would not wait for completion of the "backend" ideation process tool.  We use both Jive Clearspace 2.5 for communities and another vendor for Ideas.


                    Why not just use your existing capability to allow some to create a "Idea" type question which adds voting widgets when selected.


                    Obviously this is over-simplified because there are other pieces that are needed.


                    jive for ideas.jpg

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                        Have to give +1 to this feature request as ideas crowdsourcing would be a killer function for Jive.

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                          Not sure if this is still a current requirement, but at JW14 my company showed an innovation management solution as Jive add on. Details can be found here: HYPE Innovation