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    Feature Request: Group Admin Stats Plugin and/or Reporting Page

    Ryan Rutan

      An interesting thought came up today when discussing the proliferation of Social Groups.  How do the group admins who create groups on the community site know that their site is worth their effort?  It would be nice to have a stats page that only group admins can see that gives them a dashboard view content utilization.


      Some ideas could be:

      • Member vs. Non-Member Activity
      • View Counts
      • Download Counts
      • Message Posts
      • Refers from SBS vs. other sources (other sites)
      • More I'm sure...(anyone?)


      Some of this information can be pulled out of the SocialGroup object...from the APIs, but I think you get the idea.  the nature of this feature request is that not all the data is available via the APIs (at least that is an assumption, maybe prove me wrong?)


      It would be nice to also lock this feature down to maybe only be available/calculated for Groups with a special characterstic/extended property.


      With the analytics plugin, there seems the possibility to expose some of this information quite cheaply...perhaps this data will suffice for everything.


      My thoughts are that the Group Info Widget could be extended to show a link to the Stats page if the user is an Admin for that Group.


      Very interested to hear everyone's thoughts on this...ready...set....go! =)