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    Inserting images in document comments - From your computer

      When you edit a document/blog post/discussion message/etc., if you click on the camera icon to Insert Image, there is an option to upload an image "From your computer". This provides a straightforward way of including an image within the message.


      When editing a document comment, however, this option is not available. When you click the camera icon, the only option provided is to link to a URL. If the image is not already online (or, for less savvy users, even if it is), this makes things considerably more complicated. The image must first be uploaded, but there is no real facility on SBS to do so. As a workaround, we at UBM have created a series of documents called "Image Container", whose sole purpose is to provide a place to dump images, so that they can subsequently be linked to from within document comments.


      Whilst this solution works, however, it is extremely clunky. It demands a high level of user education, and even when a user does know the steps required, it takes a lot more time than using the From your computer option.


      It would be great if the functionality of the Insert Image button on document comments could be made to mirror that of other message types.