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    Getting down to business with Jive SBS -- and your industry peers


      I'm on Jive's Product team and as I help shape a portion of the JiveWorld session tracks this year I'll be drawing not only from the recent surveys that were completed by clients, but also from the many great discussions I've listened to and engaged in with customers and prospects over the last year that took place on one of Jive's communities, Clearstep.


      The Clearstep community focuses on business-level social business software sharing and learning.  If you haven't had an opportunity to check it out I think any line-of-business exec will find it invaluable and encourage you to participate in those conversations prior to the event.  You'll find your peers across industries sharing their social software experiences there, as well as many of us from the Jive products team and strategy consulting group.


      An example of some of the popular conversations that provided us with an indication for what people wanted to talk about during this year's event include discussions revolving around:


      Many of these topics will be hit on during JiveWorld, but there's no reason to wait until then to engage in the conversation with us or your peers, or to ask your own questions.  I look forward to JiveWorld and hope you find our place for business-level conversations helpful.