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    Missing widgets?

      I'm quite new to the jive world(a matter of hours now), and have noticed that there are many more widgets listed in the admin panel(44 total) than show up when customizing a space.


      I noticed that some won't display if options are turned off(ie blog related ones if blogging is disabled, etc).. However, I can't seem to find a way to get all to be available.


      Some of the ones missing are common ones like new users, members, etc.


      Am I missing something in the admin panel or while customizing?

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          Anyone have any thoughts?
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            Hi Will,


            Could you provide a few examples of the names of widgets you are seeing in the admin console that you are not finding in the application?




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              One thing I have noticed is that sometimes widgets have multiple context-dependant versions. Each version is listed separately in the Admin console, but shows up as a single widget in the Customize view.  An example is the Actions widget.  There are several Actions widgets listed in the Admin console, but that's because there is a different version with different actions depending on whether they are in a space or some other structure.

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                Here's the ones I'm not seeing in the customize screen:



                Featured Video
                Group Overview
                Newest Members
                Popular Videos
                Project Calendar
                Project Status
                Watch A Tag
                Watch A User
                Your Bookmarks
                Your Groups
                Your Projects
                Your Tasks
                Your Videos
                Status Updates
                Private Messages


                I'm working on an evaluation sandbox, so video is disabled which explains the video related components.

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                    The Project widgets probably only show up if working in a project. Also, the "Your __" widgets might only show up in the personalized homepage view. That might apply to a few of the other ones too (ConnectionActivity, Private Messages, etc).


                    I'm guessing on this since I don't know anything about your situation, but it's something I've run into before.

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                        H_Giles is right, those widgets are specific to certain pages in Jive SBS.


                        CheckpointsProject Overview
                        ConnectionActivityPersonal Homepage
                        Featured VideoSpace, Group, Project
                        Group OverviewGroup Overview
                        MembersGroup Overview
                        Newest MembersPersonal Homepage
                        PlacesPersonal Homepage
                        Popular VideosPersonal Homepage
                        Project CalendarProject Overview
                        Project StatusProject Overview
                        TasksProject Overview
                        Watch A TagPersonal Homepage
                        Watch A UserPersonal Homepage
                        Your BookmarksPersonal Homepage
                        Your GroupsPersonal Homepage
                        Your ProjectsPersonal Homepage
                        Your TasksPersonal Homepage
                        Your VideosPersonal Homepage
                        Status UpdatesPersonal Homepage
                        Private MessagesPersonal Homepage