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    More granular control over Email Notifications

      Right now we have users subscribing to Spaces and receiving email notifications for sub-spaces as well. They have the ability to subscribe to the sub-spaces (which they technically are already), but no way to mute them. This is problematic for some of our users who wish to watch the content in a space, but not in all of the sub-spaces.


      This could be implemented by enabling the ability to "mute" things that exist in a subscribed area. If I'm subscribed to a space, but I don't want updates on the blog, or a certain topic, I would be able to navigate to that area and choose "Mute Notifications" and I would stop receiving alerts for that item or content type.
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          Hi Cole,


          Thanks for bringing this enhancement request up. It is filed as CS-14344. Additional controls over email notifications are something we are definitely interested in tackling.




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            I agree that this has proven to be a major problem with our community as well.   The noise factor has caused many users to simply turn off the email notices, which leads to people not logging into the community as frequently and ultimately stale content.

            The alternate approach they have requested would allow a batch notification process, where users would recieve a summary email one a day\week without seeing imediate updates unless they had responded directly to a posting and are part of the discussion.


            Other forum communities we have leverage in the past had this type of alerting capability.

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                Thanks for chiming in! I added your input to CS-14344.

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                    Hello -


                    I chimed in once before on this topic just to note other related discussions going on.  I wanted to summarize some things that I think are all related and that have been discussed in different threads in the community.  Jive may already discuss these topics all together internally but here are a few thoughts on some things that I think are related.  I also think this is an incredibly important topic as we all deal with how to get people participating and it kills us when they come in and then leave because they feel overwhelmed.


                    1. Notifications - these are great for "core" community members.  Many of them may want to be notified of all activity by default but have the ability to stop notifications on certain content, like a particularly chatty thread that isn't relevant to them.  To help our core team members we added the "Minor edit, do not send notifications" option to blog posts and uploaded files.
                    2. Notification digests - this works for both core team members and community members who need to pay attention to more than one area but don't want to be "flooded" with emails on all activity. Users should be able to manage their notifications in such as way that they get a digest for one space and individual emails for another.
                    3. "Newsletters" - I see this functionaly as more Leader driven.  Space members could choose to subscribe to a newsletter and the space Leaders could determine the contents.  It would be nice to have some functionality similar to other tools (like BigTent) where a calendar of upcoming events is listed, new community members can be noted, and recent content or special news can be highlighted.  In addition a "digest" could also be added or linked to.  Our users have been asking us for this since we first deployed Jive.  Our Execs especially struggle to participate in any communities because they can't handle the email volume.  Even a digest would be too much for them.  Having the space leaders summarize what they consider to be the most important info and send that out is a top request. Note that what is "important" is not always the same thing as what is "popular" or "most recent".
                    4. Sticky threads - great for highlighting certain discussions or special announcements
                    5. Special notices - this is available in Yahoo groups and it's a great way for Leaders to send a notice to all community members about something important or interesting.  If this were available we would subscribe all our users to special notices by default (letting them know of course and letting them opt out if they want to).
                    6. Multiple discussion per Space - I know Jive's strategy is to have us use individual sub-spaces for this sort of thing but it's not nearly as nice as being able to have more than a single discussion within a space. The navigation in and out of sub-spaces isn't as clean as if we could have multiple Discussions under the Discussions tab.  It is also pretty obvious that the Discussion is actually another Space given that each sub-space must have an Overview and All Content tab.  Those can't be suppressed via the Admin console, you have to do it with CSS. I've included this item as part of this "notifications" thread because our users would love to have multiple Discussions within a given Space and then be able to subscribe to notifications per Discussion.



                    - Amanda

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                        Hi Amanda,


                        Thanks for the great reply! You're right that Jive is thinking about almost all of these things all together internally, and we're paying attention to and aggregating what's happening in Jivespace, phone calls, meetings, etc into a holistic picture of the problems that need to be solved for email notifications. Your synopsis is excellent, and I've forwarded on to members of the product team who have been thinking about this a lot lately, as well as added it to CS-14344.


                        A couple of changes coming for 4.0 might be helpful. First, Sticky Threads are a part of the release (it's actually called "Featured Content" to encompass other content types as well as Discussions). Second, we're making some improvements (more details to come at product launch) to Tag Groups that may help with organizing more than one topic area per Space.



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                            Just wanted to also add my thanks for summarizing the discussion that's been out there thus far, and secondly just add my voice to the choir of needing more control.  For all the reason listed above, but especially for initial user adoption, the flood of email is just a turn-off - although an email digest would be totally acceptable and thereby drive adoption.  Simple feature, big implications.  I am really hoping this comes with 4.0, which we're implementing shortly - what's the status on that?  Is there any place I can find all the upgrades and changes that have been made to email notifications specifically?


                            Thanks in advance,

                            - Lee

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                      From what I saw in 4.0. Jive added the ability to select to get a digest instead of each individual.  Unfortunately, this appears to be an all of nothing setting instead of being able to set the option for each community.  We have communities were a weekly digest is fine, while at the same time, having a community where we need to see each item when they are entered.


                      Hopefully, this is only step one and the direct is to provide a finer grain control.