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    Notifications at document level

      One of our groups provides a monthly highlight document. They don't replace the existing document, they create a new one each time, so clicking to receive notifications about each document wouldn't work.


      I know several people who would like to receive notifications that another highlight document had been posted, but to receive notifications, they would have to turn them on for the entire space. Is there anything being looked at where people could ask to be notified about particular types of documents or a way for Space Admin to notify groups of people (rather than picking individual users) that a new highlight document had been posted?

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          Hi - A while back we requested some things similar to what you are asking for.  Your "highlight" document is similar to what we'd like to do in terms of a newsletter.  We try to use space blogs for that now but it's not quite the same thing. With a newsletter we'd like more functionality for pulling together the latest information about what's going on in a space.  We've also asked for "special notice" capabilities for discussions. This is similar to what you get in a Yahoo group.  Users could subscribe to only receive special notices vs. all discussion posts and a leader could designate a posting as a special notice.


          - Amanda