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    Improvement Requests List?

      Is there a list available of Improvement Requests and their status? We've users interested in being able to sort discussions and docs by date/author/topic etc and this seems to be covered in this case CS-12381. Be interested in 1) knowing the status of this and 2) seeing what other improvements are in the pipeline. Both enable us to provide our communities with the sort of info they need/like to have - we like to be up to date over here
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          Hi Russell,


          Right now the best way to track the status of feature requests is to have Support associate the items of interest with a support case. Once that is done you'll be able to see the status of those requests in your customer account. We are working on a system that will provide for #2 in your lists. As you said, there is no doubt that having the community more aware of and more involved in all of the requests would be very beneficial.