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    Updating Profiles - any tips?


      On the project I'm managing we want to encourage as many people to update their profiles so as to encourage their connections and to ensure they get the best from the Jive set-up. However, not that many are doing this. I'm wondering if:


      • Anyone have any tips on encouraging our users to update their profiles?
      • Is there a way we can see who has filled in most their profile compared to those who haven't?
      • Are there any system approaches we could try?
      • What has worked or not worked, elsewhere?



      Thanks in advance



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          One approach that works for internal communities is when the organization needs to know or needs other people to know.  It is difficult to find out which sales teams working on a contract since the contract appears in the system after it is signed.  Having each team member add that information in the expertise section means that a search will find them.  Also if an organization wants to make sure people can find the expert, they will make sure the information is in the profile.


          Find the compelling business need and the people that need to know or to make sure others know.