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    Problem creating bookmark

      Using Jive Express, I've added the bookmarklet app to my Link Bar in IE7, when I navigate to a site and then click the "Add site to..." I get a "pop up blocked" , I allow popups, either permanently or temporarily but the bookmark is never added.


      Also, when I add a bookmark from within Jive by copying the url, the bookmark shows in all the spaces "new bookmarks"  is it possible to just have the "new bookmark" shown only in the space it was created from?



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          It looks like the problem is how my configuration of IE7 handles popups.  I can make this work by clicking on the add link in Jive, then disable popups, then hold down the ctrl key and hit the add link again.  (simply holding ctrl and clicking on add link) doesn't work.


          It would still be nice to configure how book marks are displayed - optionally all spaces, or associate a bookmark to a specific space.