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    Query: 'Popular Tags' and 'More like this'



      I have been evaluating Jive SBS for my company and we like what we have seen so far. I have a couple of quick question, hoping somebody would give me a layman's answer for these.


      • How does the popular tag section get populated with the tags?
      • On the documents page, how does the “more like this function work” in the back end?




      Rikki Sawhney

        • Re: Query: 'Popular Tags' and 'More like this'

          Hi Rikki,


          I'm not sure of the level of detail that you're interested in, hopefully these explanations help.


          Popular tags are basically a count of the number of times a particular tag is used in a particular context (system-wide, in a Space, Group, or Project, by a person, etc). The top 200 (by default) tags are displayed as popular tags in the global tag browser.


          "More Like This" is basically an automated search that uses the document you're viewing as the basis for the search terms across the rest of the system.