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    Feature request: Allow external collaborators to be entirely limited to content in a single group or space, with no access to content in other personal blogs and open groups.

      It would be great if in the next release, you could allow a way to exclude some users (for example external partners) from viewing content in open social groups and all other system users’ personal blogs, while allowing these same users to view and contribute content—including originating blog posts--but only in one or more specific social groups or subspaces. This is a show-stopper for us, and we're open to suggestions if we're missing something. We've spoken to a third party about customizing SBS employee to afford this, and it seems this is a common use-case for other R&D environments as well (who've also explored such customizations). Does anybody else here have this need?


      We’ve been around the block with support, and seems we can only limit external collaborators to a subspace, removing their ability to see any blog posts whatsoever on the system. Wondering if perhaps this is on the 4.0 roadmap? Could it be added?