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    Reference for table values like month_id?

      Hi Jive - The Analytics Data Model document is useful for things like activity event codes, but is there a similar reference for numeric id values like jivedw_activity_agg_month.month_id? I'm assuming 842 is August 2009, but I'd love to know for sure. Any other numeric ids we need to know about?

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          The only numerical codes with any meaning are the activity event codes and object type codes. These codes are all documented here: Analytics DB Data Model


          All other id's are just system generated surrogate keys and have no meaning - they are used for table join purposes. E.g., month_id is the key of the record in jivedw_month representing that month period and is used to join the the corresponding month_id column in the aggregate table. The attributes in jivedw_month can be used to select those time periods.

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