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    Finding Users and sending them messages


      Am I missing something obvious or is it really difficult to send someone a message unless I have them in my Address Book or I know their ID? There's not an easy way to find them and message them..or is there?

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          Is this for Private Messages?

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              Hi Greg, yes.


              One of our team has also posted a question about People section in general. Here's their post:



              "...prompted me to use the menu bar to Browse>People to see if I could find how many SJS based people were using Jive SBS. I was disappointed that I couldn't do this. Hence I was wondering how easy it was to adjust the People Profiles settings in Jive SBS?


              The company field seems a bit wayward - 123 people have put the company name and then there are 4 or fewer people for another 26 versions of the company name and then a few other companies. Could this be simplified to a drop down list like the Segment section which is very neat - you can quickly see and filter the people by Segment, e.g. R&M or IST, etc.


              In the same vein, is it easy to add a drop down for people to add their location (e.g. country) and another drop down for people to add their location. Then users can quickly filter to find people based in say R&M, UK, HQ in London.


              The Company Dept. is a good idea, but again the list has become quite extensive because people have the freedom to type in anything. This would be more difficult to add a drop down list for, but could it auto-suggest previous entries so similar entries can be duplicated?


              Finally, is it possible to make the hobbies section work like the tag section and include a tag cloud. Your hobbies seem to be bunched together as a single line and then displayed in a 900 long list. Would be good to see which hobbies are most commonly listed.


              Food for thought - any of these  easy to do?"


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                  Hi Russell, I've added your vote to CS-9021, an open enhancement request for private message improvements.


                  Regarding the People section and ways of filtering, you can set up custom Profile fields in the Admin Console > People > Settings > Profile and Homepage. One of the profile field types you can choose is "Single Select List" in which you can enter a fixed set of choices for people to choose from. It looks like this type of field would help out with most of the requests from your user. The tag cloud-style filter style for profile fields is an interesting idea. I added it as enhancement request CS-15613.