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    Examples of Online Community Proposals



      I have been asked by my VP to give a proposal and presentation to the management team at my company about the value of an online community. I was wondering if anyone had examples of proposals they delivered in an effort to convey the value to management. Any help would be appreciated.


      You can reply to this forum or to my email at dave at sohigian dot com.



      Dave Sohigian

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          Hey David,


          I didn't see any replies here so I emailed you a few slides.  Let me know though if for some reason you don't receive my email (junk filter, etc.).  Also, I mentioned in that email that I'll be covering the value of communities in a fair amount of detail at an upcoming seminar in Palo Alto.  Basically, it's a piece of the seminar series that myself and Clearstep's other community manager, Barry Tallis, are giving at various cities around the country.  Here's the link if interested in learning more or registering.