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    Well hello! who are you?

      Hello everyone, right now im throughly confused and feel not in the least qualified to be here but oh well.


      On a day to day basis im called Az, currently sorting through starting up my own business focused pretty much exclusively focused on collaboration and social networking



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          HI Az, I only got here yesterday so am feeling a bit like yourself, name is Kerry, have a community site that evolved around a project that emerged from the ashes of a doomed social enterprise so am trying to learn as much as possible, been building it myself so it still looks a bit all over the place.  I gave up on the business aspect of it a long time ago and just do it because I like collaborating on creative projects with others.

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            Just signed up in the last 30 minutes...


            I'm a Community Manager based in the UK with the job title: "Web Community Champion"... stop sniggering!


            I work for a software company in East Kilbride, Scotland who have around 70 employees and a global customer base.


            I currently manage an online Community of about 800 members, most of whom are our company's customers, some are staff, some are partners and some are none of the above!


            I'm 25 and have been doing the job for nearly a year. It'd be great to be able to communicate with people who do jobs like me!

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              Hi Az and Everyone!


              I manage our enterprise-wide Clearspace installation, which we refer to as EMC|ONE. We currently have over 7,000 active users on the site, and over 100 communities within our site.


              I've been doing this for about a year, and it's been quite a pleasant and interesting learning experience. I can honestly say I learn something new every day!


              I'm so glad that Jive launched Clearstep to give us the opportunity to connect with one another and share our experiences and lessons learned along the way!


              And don't feel like you're not qualified to be here! We're all in this together and will all learn from one another ;-)






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                Hey all,

                I'm a Sr. UI Designer for Jive. I came to Jive in April 08, formerly with little social software experience beyond occasionally musing about what the hell Twitter is.


                Now I'm integrating into the social sphere(s), but it'll be a while before I feel like I totally understand everything that's going on in this space. If you have any questions, try me. I may not be able to answer all of them but I know the peeps here who can .



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                  Hi all. About 4-5 years ago I was made redundant and after working 6 & 7 days weeks and never seeing the family I decided to start a business from home, I have several motorsport related sites, but with some of the forums I use been in competition with one another and them being so political about traders and members, in fact because of politics there are now 4 forums on the same car, 3 of which Id lie to bring under one roof.

                  So I want to start a blog site for motorsport projects, a forum and a wiki type knowledge base for us to add information about our cars and for customers and tuners to join in and add to the knowledge base. All free services to our customers and to be used to attract more new customers.

                  I have little computer skills, so got my hosting company to put up 3 domains with wiki, bog and form software, but before I started setting about learning how to customise them a friend told me of clearspace and now looking to have all 3 in one place.


                  So now looking to learn a little about clearspace and see if I can do by myself, and hope that if liked by clients they will help moerate, just as they do with other forums and clubs.


                  Im in the UK and would love to hear from anyone near Dartford (North Kent - SE London) you I could learn from, as I said Im not that cool on a computer.

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                    A newbie in here too, i hope i get all the answers i need about social networks in here?

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                      Who me?


                      Website and now Community manager @ learndirect in the UK.  We're due to launch a new customer community in the new year so I'll be looking for some useful tips and tricks to try and keep things ticking along...

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                        Hi there,


                        I'm Anthony Lake, I work for the Department of Communities & Disability Services Queensland. We have just kicked off a pilot installation of Clearspace for collaboration within our departments. The trial will be 200+ users and will look at various models, methods and levels of particpiation.


                        We are keen to share our experiences with the community as they happen, and I am looking forward to hearing the success and, more importantly, the failure stories from others in the field.