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    Approaches to a constructive and positive Community

      Hey everybody,


      my name is Jan and I am a 19 years old BA student from Germany.

      Advertently and with great interest did I follow your conversations and discussions about starting a successful online community. With a friend, I opened a little shop, specialized on a fun sporting product about a year ago. We do have a growing community and are currently developing a new online community.


      As experts in the field of community foundations and social media, I call on you for some successful kick-off advices.

      I believe, having identified possible successful topics for a good community start as soon as it goes online.

      Nevertheless there still are a couple of unanswered questions we haven’t found an answer to, yet. That’s why I seek your advices.

      Most questions are not about what to write, but rather much more about the “How?”


      One of my major questions is how can we direct the members to get into a positive and constructive discussion with us or rather among with each other (which would even be better).


      Our main intention behind creating this community is to improve the customer support through the “user-helps-user” concept and on the other hand getting a market insight.


      We thought about asking the community a new question every day or week. Consult them for their opinion on a specific topic as for example what to improve or what they think about the new bindings on our sport product etc. .


      Maybe there exist researches or surveys on how the surrounding in the community needs to be set up or which tools/features to give the users in order to provide a perfect basis for a lively and constructive discussion.

      As you can see we have a lot of questions. Hopefully I didn't overburden you with all these questions.


      I am deeply grateful for any hint, advice or suggestion you could give us on our specific questions.

      Thank you in advance. I am looking forward to receive your reply.