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    what can't jive do?

      in evaluating business requirements for applications services, comprehensive integrated packages always promise the moon and want to hold everything to support their ability to integrate data and work flows, etc


      we need services to complement each other, "seamlessly", intuitively with simplicity of access and function for users of all skill levels and interests


      our core Application is NetSuite: ERP, CRM, SFA and financials


      our phone, UCM system is Cisco (owners of jabber.com and thereby champion of XMPP)


      we need support for communications and collaboration, along with ECM and DAM


      is jive a good fit? as an enterprise product it can/will scale; what can't jive do?

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          Ted Hopton

          I can't give you a comprehensive answer to your question, but I'll offer some insight. Jive Clearspace/SBS is a flexible, versatile platform, but it's not going to replace any of those systems you listed. It can certainly complement them, though.


          If you decide to implement a social media platform like Jive's, you should do it because you want to realize the benefits it can provide. I don't think you'll find anyone with Jive promising the moon when it comes to their products. Our experience with them was reality-based. There were features we wanted, for example, that they explained they weren't planning to develop because they didn't fit with the vision they have for the tool. I think you'll find Jive knows what their technology does well and sells it based on that, not on claims that it will solve all of your problems.

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            It really comes down to what you are looking to do with Social Business Software. Obviously, interoperability is a big concern for you and Jive is dedicated to providing an open platform and a comprehensive API to allow you to integrate systems as required.


            You mention 2 very broad buckets: communications and collaboration with some requirements for ECM and DAM. Jive provides a uniquely social approach to corporate communications and collaboration allowing individuals to find content and colleagues based on their social connections as well as the quality and quantity of individual contributions. This is a completely different communications methodology compared to what you would find with tradtional web publishing and portal tools. In this area, Jive excels.


            Jive also provides some ECM capabilities allowing for hierichal structures based on spaces. Jive supports most file types, versioning and approval workflows. However, there are a variety of feature-rich ECM and document management systems available on the market that can provide far greater functionality if your buiness requires it. In that case, Jive can easily become the social layer on top of your traditional ECM and Document management systems. I would encourage you to particpate in our April 9th webcast where members from Nike will talk about how they did exactly this.

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              thanks, Cameron


              very helpful - I will try to attend that session, too



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                Anyone knows business cases UCM & Jive integration?

                thanks in advance