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    Is there a standard speed check that people have used?


      I am at a company with multiple sites (international), preparing to launch SBS 3.0. 


      During the evaluation period with Clearspace 2.5.3 we had many comments on the load time of some pages.  I am not in IT (I'm a chemical engineer), so I don't have all the details on how all the sites are connected to the server.  I do know that we are internally hosting, and we don't have it installed exactly as recommended (we aren't running the full linux installation, but an executable).  It doesn't really matter how we are connected, my question is not about how to improve the speed, just how to measure it.


      My question:  Is there a standard speed test that people have used, to put metrics on the time it takes to load a page from different sites?


      I suspect making a large document with lots of images might be useful for this, and run time checks from the different sites.  I am real curious if others have done anything like this.