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    Must have content?

      I'm currently working on launching a new B2B site for our highly technical users across multiple product lines, industries and geographies.  I'm wondering if anyone has a good understanding of must have resources for a B2B community?  E.g. "Getting starteds, Product Specs, FAQs, Datasheets, etc."  If I am working with my SMEs who have limited time what should I focus them on.


      As a bit of an aside, I'm guessing many of you would say THEY should know what would be must have content...but I want to make sure that our users have a consistent experience within each of our communities and so want to identify a set of resources that all will have.


      Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.




      Cere Gillette (and teammate, Srini)

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            Hi Cere,



            While I hate to say it, I have to.... it depends...What is the purpose of the B2B community? Is it for developers, end users, technical support, pre-sales/marketing/lead generation, or some combination? Each type of community in the B2B space will require a different content set up and benefits statements for the users.



            While some content will be easily modified to meet your community's standards (Terms of Service, Community Rules, etc.), some must be very specialized (SME management and support escalations for example). If you can provide more details, perhaps our community of experts here can provide additional help for you.



            You might also visit several of the communities we've worked with or are currently working with in the B2B space to see what I mean above. Visit Cisco's Networking Professionals community, NetApp's community (and Tech on Tap), SAP's SDN community, Intel's Software Network Community, and HP's support community for ideas.





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                Can you explain a little bit more around the proposed community structure?  You mention that you want to:

                have a consistent experience within each of our communities


                Is there different communties for different users?  If you can provide that info, it would be helpful on providing some targeted advice.


                Also, have you identified some of the influencers that you are targeting with these communities?  Talking with them and getting suggestions on types of content that should be present can help.