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    How do you create inviting collaboration spaces?

      I joined my company nearly 3 months ago, so I am just now getting up to speed on our online community offerings, design and usage.  We seem to have our collaboration areas out of wack, in three different places online and totally not inter-connected... this is a result of our website re-design that took place before I joined....  SO... how do I un-do what has already been put in place to get our community to understand the concept of a collaboration workspace AND... actually USE it?  Oh... and BTW,  I'd love to know what a good collaboration work space should actually LOOK like...

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          I would really step back from the 3 current workspaces and ask myself do they server a common purpose? I would also ask if there is a common culture in those spaces. I have encountered organisatons that have more than one collaboration space, often departmentally siloed. To assist I have looked at the processes and business functions that each workspace supports and have asked myself if it is possible that they can collaborate. A workspace designed to support an engineering design team is unlikely to have the same culture and approach as a workspace delivering collaboration services to the financial team or the HR team.


          I have had success addressing disparate workstreams using a Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) approach. I have increased the inter-operability of disparate workspaces by re-engineering the process they support.


          By doing this the workspace becomes more "inviting" becasue the value proposition offered is more tangible.