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    Help us take this community to the next level


      I'm hoping to get insights and perspectives from across Clearstep's member base with this question - customers, non-customers, partners, and consultants.


      What can we do to improve Clearstep?

      Think about it from the point you first registered, to reading/viewing/commenting on questions, how the communities themselves are set up (internal vs. online collaboration) and any other area you can think of.


      Some of the suggestions we received lately include a 'Share your stories' area that was generated by a post on community cost justification (thanks The specified item was not found.) as well as to have a seperate area for posting jobs (see this thread, thanks The specified item was not found.).


      But what else?  What about for customers and your experience with our Jive communities (right now Clearstep was originally set up separately).  We have a few folks from Jive (as well as some community members) working on revamping Clearstep and we would love to hear your thoughts, especially since the community is really yours.  Help us help you.


      One example of a taxonomy issue is that I'm going to now copy and paste this question into the internal collaboration space since many people either just go to one side of Clearstep or the other.


      Nothing is sacred.   Also, on the flip side, if anything really jumps out for you that you like a lot let us know that as well.




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          Here are a few of the positive things i like about this community:


          • The people are so open and ready to help! you feel the suport of the community right away.
          • Documents are very usefull and relevant
          • Connection with Jive, a reference in community building


          What i think should be improved:


          • Content: concrete examples of community buidling experience like the process of build the strategy, or how to make research about the potential members or how to define the critical size of your community.
          • Navigation: Sometimes I have rpoblems finding my way around


          I'm sure the imporvements will attract more members which will generate even more relevant content!


          Thansk so much again for building clearstep!



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            I am relatively green on the Clearspace site and am still becoming acclomated. That said I find the discussions to be rich and quite informative. I would echo what Gisèle writes below regarding navigation. It is easy to get lost, and not know how to get back to where you came.


            For example, when drill into the "Manage" homepage, you are given a homepage containing a variety of widgets, but also Tabs: Overview, All Content, Discussions etc... However, when you drill into say a particular discussion, those tabs are no longer visable and it isn't clear how to get back.


            Minor nit to an overall good UI




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              Very helpful.  Thanks for the feedback!!