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    Rewarding quality not quantity




      3 months into our go-live and we're approaching our next phase of our roll-out. We've been having discussions about how the status part of the system works. Our interpretation is that its all based around the quantity of certain activities e.g. answering a question correctly = 4 points, writing a blog post = 1 point.


      We'd like to encourage quality over quantity. We also have concerns about the names, and we're thinking of just using icon's instead of names, and we understand that we could apply status' to specific populations.


      Has anyone got any pearls of wisdom for us ?




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          Hi Chris,


          While I realize a bit late (we've just recently launched our community) my organization has faced the same Quality vs Quantity issue. I am managing communities that are inherently smaller, and thus depend on high quality interactions rather than a high quantity of mediocre activity. We have stripped the profiles of any names, as it is misleading and a bit unprofessional (this is a community of executives who don't want to be called newbies). Furthermore, we really try to get member who have posted a question, and recieved a "correct answer" to go back and mark responses as such. This has a high pt value to it and will reward those contributers with quality responses.