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    Overcoming the community plateau

      Hi there -


      I was wondering if anyone has any experience successfully overcoming the "community plateau"? We launched about a month ago and have had better than expected activity. We have yet plateaued per se, but it is a worry of mine. We are uniquic in that we are trying to take 110 executives who we previosuly serviced mainly offline, and transition them online. We have 54 members who have signed on, and 30 +/-  of those with pictures/complete profiles. The need now is to get those without profile to make theres, and to get the other 50 members who haven't come to the site to join.


      Its not like we can reach out to additional/tangential audiences. I think we need to take those that are already up and running and some how get them to help lift us over the plateau.


      If anyone has any insight or experience in this, it would be great appreciated!!