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    Recent study - major business objectives


      A few months back I attended the Community 2.0 conference and saw an interesting study presented.  Although 1 slide in particular caught my attention:

      Tribalization biz objectives.jpg


      I thought about it from the context of conversations I've had over the past 6 or 7 months and personally, I've seen it all over the map.  It just seems like B2B vs. B2C communities are different and then further broken down by whether it's in support of some annual user group vs. enabling partners vs. the enthusiast/die hard community, etc.


      I'm interested, though, if anyone might share the one or two main business objectives they focused on in selling the concept of an external communities within their org, and also what seemed to stick and what didn't?


      BTW - I think the study is still open so if you want to participate in it - at the end of the slideshare deck linked above there's a web address to partipicate.  I think they give you a copy of the study if you do.

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          Hi Adam,


          This slide pretty much captures our MBO's from an external community perspective.


          A few points (or tags) I'd add (some synonymous with the slide verbiage):

          • Improved communication and productivity globally (available 24x7x365 anywhere)
          • A means for content consumption to influence content production (meaning we produce more of what is valuable to the community, and less of of what is not)
          • Influencer for purchasing decisions - gain trust through affinity-driven UGC (consumers trust other consumers more than the company)
          • Stronger connections and awareness of expertise (among employees, partners, customers, prospects)
          • Sense of community, value and intrinsic satisfaction helping others




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            When we work with our clients, we start with the business objectives not the community objectives. The business objectives are usually along the lines of:

            1. Reduce the cost of customer support
            2. Increase brand awareness for a product or service
            3. Increase brand loyalty of our customers
            4. Generate initial leads for sales pipeline
            5. Reduce customer churn
            6. etc....


            We then put the community's objectives underneath, for example:

            1. Reduce the cost of customer support
              1. Provide a community to build self service (i.e. peer-to-peer) support networks
              2. Support User Generated Content to provide creative solutions and best practices
              3. etc....


            At the beginning of the community process (or budget process), it is important to show how your efforts will help the business not just the community.