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    Article Marketing is Better for your Site than SEO

      That was the headline from this morning's email digest from SEO News:



      Disclaimer: Don't feel the need to click through the author's sales blurp at the end to buy his book on this topic (I almost didn't post this just because of that).


      The simple method for marketing your community's discussions (articles) is to submit them to social bookmarking sites like digg.com, stumblupon.com, delicious.com, google.com, backflip, diigo, and a host of other web 2.0 social bookmarking sites where people go to find articles on topics they're interested in.


      I've certainly found this to be the case on my personal geek blog, where I've seen jumps in traffic to over 1,000 unique visitors in a single day to a particular article, just by submitting it to social bookmarking sites. Those articles a few months later have read counts of over 90,000 on the high side.


      Another great way to market your community's articles is to link to them as answers on sites like Yahoo! Answers.  Create an account and start monitoring the Yahoo communities that cover similar topics as your online community, or search for questions related to the content that your community is discussing.  Providing an answer to these questions with a link back to your community article as a reference is a great way to market your articles - and if the answer is marked as a "Best Answer" then it draws even more traffic to your site.


      Not to say that SEO isn't important - it is very important.  And yes, content is still king, as it always was with SEO - but content generated by your community is the best kind of content you can be marketing, and you can generate a lot more traffic, and without paying for adwords, just by marketing your articles in these ways.


      How much of your advertising/marketing budget goes towards SEO, and how much time/effort do you spend marketing the individual discussions that are popular on your community?

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          I have been doing social media for some time but don't get much traffic from the social sites. I'm doing it more for getting backlinks. Getting traffic from social media sites is no easy job. We need the articles that stand out the crowd to get featured and gain traffic. It's amazing to hear that you are getting good traffic from social media marketing. I'm sure you must have published some entertaining and good quality articles on the the social sites.

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            Yes you have the right topics in your post. When there are no really much contents which are important for the visitors you have no change to get the community active.

            But on the other way it is also important to get a change to create a google sitemap for the own main important Jive sites.