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    Ideal size of an Online Community

      Hi everyone,


      I'm trying to set up goals for the launch of a business online community, with the metrics that go with them.


      Since it's so hard to set target percentages per goal based on benchmark, I have to make estimations but I have no clue about what is the minimum number of people I need for a successful community. Is ther any way to define this?


      Also, another challenge that I have is since we have different initiatives inhouse that have the same goal as those of our coming onine community, how can I isolate the impact of the online community alone on those goals?


      Thank you guys in advance!!


      Have a great week-end!


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          Before you define ideal size for your community, you need to define what is "successful community".


          There can be different measures of success.


          One may consider communities as successful as long as they are meeting member's objectives of connecting. Then size may not matter as long as the member of the community are committed.


          Others may consider communities to be successful based on the activity, # of docs, posts, etc. Then also it is the size of active members rather than total members that matters.


          So, define the objective of the community and how you define successful before trying to define ideal size.