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    Question on the 30 day trial

    Tim Gray

      We've downloaded and installed the 30 day trial - what are the pros and cons of using the simple flat file approach vrs attaching a proper database.  Context is just for the 30 days, obviously if we went forward, we would use a database.  What won't I be able to do without a database?  Will I be able to create a blog and upload documents?



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          Thank you for your interest in the 30 day trial of Clearspace.  However, Clearstep is for best practices discussion around building online communities and not technical support for our products.  Please visit http://www.jivesoftware.com/community/community/support and post your question there.


          My personal recommendation is to run the eval with a database to get a better feel of a true production environment.  But again, i'm more on the business end of things.  Once your trial is up and running and you have questions on how to design a community, what it takes to run/manage a community, come on back to Clearstep and ask away.  If you have technical issues, the Support community is your best bet.


          - Barry (Clearstep Community Manager)

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            Tim, I suggest you try out our latest Clearspace 2.5 Beta instead. It has social networking capabilities, which is something I think RBC would be interested in.


            To get the beta:


            Register for the Clearspace 2.5 Beta

            Read download instructions for latest beta


            You can use the beta community to report issues, ask questions, etc. Also, if you're interested, I can get you connected with your sales engineer, Angela Self. She can answer your detailed technical questions, and give your team a demonstration of 2.5.