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    Top 5 Things We Want Improved in Clearspace

      Clearspace is a great product.


      But, like all products, there is stuff that we feel are missing that would make it even better.


      We dutifully created a list of feature requests and flew to Portland and had a great meeting with the Jive team. About half way through day, I had a thought. One of those ideas that sounds good, but is new, and a little bit out of the comfort zone.


      The thought was: “Why are we only talking to Jive about the product enhancements we would like to see? Why not also share our feature requests with other Jive customer's via the Clearstep community? By sharing we could learn whether or not our ideas resonate with others; and, we may learn about other valuable feature improvements that we didn't think of. Also, through sharing, we would open the door to leveraging the "collective intelligence" of Jive's customers to influence the Clearspace product roadmap – similar to RedesignMe or Innocentive.


      So, here is our Top 5 List (not ranked)


              1. Provide capability to move a Project to another Space.
              2. Provide capability to set RSS feature on/off by Space.
              3. Provide more robust filtering in Content Widgets; add capability to multi-select      Spaces, add capability to filter by Tag.
              4. Provide capability to sort views on Discussion, Document, and Blog within the      Space Tab views by more than just “Last Modified”; things like Views, Rating, Subject, etc.
              5. Provide ability to set reoccurring Tasks; and assign same Task to multiple Users (e.g. complete weekly status report).

                      What do you think? What are your top 5?